What Every Bride Needs to Know About Trunk Shows

Trunk shows can be a great opportunity to find your perfect wedding dress -- and maybe even meet the designer! Here's our know-it-all guide.
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What is a Trunk Show?

It's a special event at which a bridal designer visits a bridal boutique on a set day with his or her entire collection of new gowns. Brides schedule appointments to try on the dresses and meet with the designer.

Brides have a unique opportunity to view and try on wedding dresses before they are available in stores as well as styles from previous seasons. A trunk show is a special event not to be missed and offers brides a very exclusive and fun experience along with many benefits!

Why have Trunk Shows?

Since we only carry a few dresses from selected designers, trunk shows allow customers the opportunity to see and try on dresses that they wouldn't ordinarily see at our boutique. If you find a dress you like during a designer trunk show, ask if we stock it. If we don't, get ready to buy!

Why attend a Trunk Show?

If you find yourself liking multiple gowns from the same designer a trunk show is a wonderful opportunity to narrow down your search with many benefits that come along with it. Most likely some of the dresses you’ve been eying on the Internet or in magazines will be from the designer’s new collection, so a trunk show would be your chance to see them first and try them on! Some designers will also send dresses that are only available during a trunk show and not in stores, giving you the opportunity to choose and try on gowns that are a bit more exclusive and not available to everyone. Oftentimes designers are at a bridal trunk show to offer their expert knowledge and answer any questions you may have about a style or custom changes. If the designer is in attendance at their trunk show, it is a very wonderful experience to meet with them.

Who Benefits?

The bride benefits because she has the opportunity to talk to the actual designer, to discuss the gowns and any changes you may want to make your dream dress. Designers benefit because they get to watch brides try on their gowns and listen to their comments. It's a great opportunity for them to learn directly from the consumer what they're doing right and wrong!

Anything else I should know??

Understand that a trunk show is not technically a sale. The dresses are not marked as discounted. But, most trunk shows do offer a discount for placing your order on the spot, sometimes up to 20%. This relatively small savings could make a big difference if you're working with a tight budget.

When Are Trunk Shows Held?

We are hosting a Wendy Makin Designer Day on 1st September 2018, book your appointment today to avoid disappointment.
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